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November 14, 2012

Lately there have been more and more collaborations between fashion designers and visual artists, and the fairly new London-based online brand ARTEKL is no exception. The ethical urban-chic brand that creates functional, basic and versatile apparel has recently connected with graphic designer Paul Engeris to create a digitally printed collection of T-shirts.

Paul Engeris ARTEKL aims to create staple garments that can easily be combined with different pieces of clothing to create a variety of looks. The brand uses luxury and innovative materials such as Modal, a type of rayon which is highly absorbent and resistant to shrinkage with a silk-like quality. In addition, the brand has become involved with various fashion bloggers that talk about their personal experience with one of ARTEKL’s current garments every week. This is a great way for customers to understand that although the collections might seem simple, there is a number of ways to create stylish and exciting looks with them.

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